Hacienda Chan Chan is first and foremost a dairy farm. Nestled in the mountains north of Cuenca it spans 90 hectares (222.39 acres) of pasture and native forest stretching from the river bottom at roughly 2800m (9186 ft) to over 3350m (10990 ft) in the mountains on the upper portion of the farm . They milk around 30 cows every day, but unfortunately, while we were there,  the time they were milking it decided to rain and being the wusses we are, we decided to just stay in. This will give us something to look forward to next time.

Hacienda Chan Chan is a 40 minute bus ride from Cuenca. We hopped on the local bus, and because we are "old farts", our fare was 12.5¢ going and 15¢ returning. Luke, Julie and kids met us at the bus stop and took us to the farm.

Included with the lodging was a delicious breakfast of the most delicious yogurt I have every tasted, a bowl of granola, fruit and juice, fresh and hot artisan cinnamon bread with fresh butter to slather on it and to wash it all down, coffee with FRESH CREAM!!! What a way to start the day.

Since we decided to spend three nights we had time to explore. Although it rained every day we were there we got in a hike of the property from top to bottom. The next day we simply strolled along the road which offered beautiful views down into the valley and the Chan Chan River.

It was a wonderful several days and since it was so close and affordable, we will be going back soon.

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