Not too far outside of Cuenca is La Yunta.  It has been likened to Cracker Barrel in that not only does it have a restaurant but it has a store that sells all sorts of things from furniture to clothing to packaged cakes and things.

Today we were here for their Fun Day  At La Yunta.  We arrived by bus after a short drive from Cuenca and browsed around the shop for a little bit before finding a table with some new friends while we waited for lunch.

After lunch we all went outside where there were all sorts of activities going on.  There were horses that some were riding, drums playing, hula hoops going round and round and hammocks swinging.  The sun came out and heated things up for awhile

Soon it was time to board the bus for the ride home.  It started to sprinkle a little as we headed back to Cuenca.

It was a fun day where we met many new people.

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