What a fun day we had in Baños.  Be hopped on bus 12 from El Centro and within 20 minutes were in Baños.  We got off one stop later than we should have but that only added to the adventure as we wandered down a street we might not have ever seen.  Passed a wall with beautiful street art, a beautiful statue, lovely flowers and awesome views.

Our destination was Novagua Spa in Baños where we were going to spend a day pampering ourselves and relaxing.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you are there before 11:00a, the senior rate is $11.00 ($18 if you are over 65).

After several hours relaxing in the mineral pool, having a mud bath and soaking in the hot tub, we were like jello, you know that relaxed sensation where you can't even think.  We showered and dressed and headed off for lunch.

We stopped just down the hill at a little restaurant where I had the almuerzo (the lunch of the day) that was wonderful and cost me $2.50.

After lunch and relaxing talk we caught the bus for home which sadly ended this wonderful day.

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