Dia De Los Inocentes in in Cuenca represents a tradition in which many people participate on January 6 and take to the streets with all kinds of costumes and parades. This presents a curious blending of pagan and religion.

It dates back to the fifth century, a time when the Catholic Church began to celebrate this feast in memory of children who were massacred in Judea Herod shortly after the birth of Jesus. According to scripture, the date coincides with the reaction of Herod, who occupied the throne of Judea in the time when Jesus was born, who upon learning there was a child who would be called "the King of the Jews” he became enraged and ordered all male children under two years of age killed.

Ostensibly this celebration is held to commemorate King Herod's death sentence and the parade features skits, costumes, food, music, and hundreds of men and boys dressed in drag. In the beginning this celebration was a strictly religious, with the passage of time, other elements of pagan character were incorporated and is known for example, that the Middle Ages in some parts of Europe was celebrated with much noise and disorder, it was called "Feast of Fools". In Ecuador this holiday is celebrated in major cities with masques and satires, particularly in Cuenca, the tradition is to celebrate with teasing and persistent jokes since colonial times, on this date it seeks to demonstrate the innocence of people through jokes and banter, the same starting from December 28 and culminate on January 6.

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