We arrived in Cuenca January 1, 2015 and stayed with friends during that month while we decided if Cuenca was right for us.  Within a week we decided to make Cuenca our home.  Luckily we found an apartment that ticked almost all our wish list and we rented it as of January 15th.

The apartment is a 2-bedroom 2.5-bath townhouse.  On the main floor there is the dining room/living room, kitchen, social bath (1/2 bath), laundry and a huge storage area.  The second floor has the 2-bedrooms, each with their own bath.

Our rent is $380/month.  As of today, April 13th, we haven't lived in the apartment for a full month to determine what our utilities will be.  We have been told to estimate about $25/mo for electricity and $5/mo for gas (used for stove and hot water).  The water comes with the apartment.

What wasn't on our wishlist was a balcony or terrace and being on the 3rd and 4th floors, an elevator.  But we really like it and look forward to spending a couple year here anyway.

As of 8/15/15 we have the apartment mostly furnished and will be taking more pictures of it furnished soon.

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