We spent a fun day at the Cuenca zoo, the Amaru Zoological.  We took a taxi as we had heard if you take a bus it drops you off at the bottom of a very long, steep road.  And, yes, it was a long and steep road, so glad we decided on the taxi.

The zoo is interesting, very natural and unlike most we have been to.There were cages for some of the animals but their space was large.  Many animals weren't really caged but left in their natural habitat.  It is very hilly with lots of board walkways so, unfortunately, the zoo isn't for those in wheelchairs or unable to walk. 

We spent close to 4 hours wandering around and when I got home and checked my Fitbit, found we had walked a little over 3 ½ hours.

Please forgive some of the blurry pictures as we were photographing through wire cages and from long distance.  Still, the memories of the fun day is there.

It was a beautiful day with beautiful views of Cuenca from the parking lot and many interesting animals.

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