The view from Mirador de Turi (Turi means "brother" in Quechua) is spectacular.

I climbed the stairs to Turi for the first time on November 19th with my friends, Debi and David.

Today I wanted my friends, Jim and Kara Shea, to experience the thrill of climbing 571 stairs and then seeing all of Cuenca laid out at their feet.

There are two sections of stairs separated by a road that goes up and then down as well as the necessity to cross over highway 35. There are 127 stairs in first section, and yes, I counted each and every one of them! There are 439 stairs in the second section, and no, I just took the word of someone else, but I bet they are spot on. Once you have climbed the 439 you still have another 14 or so stairs to climb to get to the viewing area. So, I guess in reality, there must be close to 580 stairs. One day I will count all of them so I will know for sure

Once we got to the top the real fun began as we encountered two police who asked us about the slang expressions “Pop the question” and "Keep the peace." Kara Shea was able to speak to them in pretty good Spanish and I helped with gestures as we tried to explain what "Pop the Question" means. You try explaining without a good Spanish vocabluary.

Again, it was fun doing the stairs and I know it won't be long until I am at the top again.

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