What a magical night it was as our landlords' son, Vicente, picked us up and took us along with his parents, Braulio and Maria, for a stroll along the Tomebamba River. We walked up one side and down the other ending at Otorango Plaza and the HUGE nativity scene all lite up. I read that the figures are over 30 feet tall but haven't been able to verify that. They are HUGE!

There are ribbons of blue lights stretching across the Tomebamba that when turned on at night, give the river a rich blue hue.

All along the sidewalk there are different flowers and animals of lights contrasting with the beautiful blue lights coming off the Tomebamba.

Otorango Plaza was filled with people enjoying the beauty of the nativity scene while fireworks from El Centro could be seen filling the sky. The full moon extended high into the sky making it a perfect evening.

After our stroll we went back to Braulio's and Maria's home where we had a wonderful dinner of lasagna and salad topped off with one of the most delicious desserts I have had here in Ecuador.

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