"The Spoken Word," and evening with wonderful Cuenca-base authors who entertained by reading from their latest or past works, was held at Sunrise Cafe. Readers from tonight's event were:

DALE BRADLEY MORRIS, writing as Scarlet Braden, performs a reading tonight from her new romantic suspense novel, Peril in the Bayou. In New Orleans, nothing is as it seems. Kidnapping, murder, corruption, and voodoo simmer like a big pot of jambalaya, and lead to unexpected surprises beyond every door and around every corner.

FINN O’GORMAN makes her first appearance at the Spoken Word with her poem, Changed Circumstance

GEORGINA NUNEZ will share a chapter from the second volume of her fascinating life story, Tonight she is reading Animal Sacrifice about a bone collection hobby and turning vegetarian from Escaping the Snake.

Cuenca welcomes back musician and author SU TERRY, who will entertain us this evening with an excerpt from her short novel, I Was a Jazz Musician for the FBI.

BARBARA SNOW will read a selection from her collection of poems, The Phoenix Spring.

TOM LARSEN is the author of the Jason Freeh series of detective novels, and a member of the Cuenca Writers Collective. Tonight he will read from the second book in his new series featuring Cuencano detective, Wilson Salinas.

J. MIKE HERRON will read a chapter from his upcoming romantic suspense novel, Genevieve’s Gift. Two years after her husband dies in a plane crash, Genny finds her life turned upside down when the insurance company demands its money back, and she must prove her husband’s innocence.

SCOTT MORRIS is a new resident of Cuenca and member of the Cuenca Writers Collective. Tonight he reads from his collection of essays, Postcards from Kazakhstan.

KRISTEN SAWYER is a teacher at CEDEI, and a member of the Cuenca Writers Collective. Tonight she will share her short story, The Cockatoo in the Cage, about her grandfather’s slide into Parkinson’s Disease.

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