We had an interesting day! We decided to take bus #7 and see where it would take us. I knew it would take us to Mall del Rio and I knew it would take us home from the mall but other than that, I had not a clue where it went. So at 1:50 this afternoon we hopped on the bus heading to Mall del Rio. About 30 minutes or so later the bus arrived at the mall with many stops along the way.

We stayed on as it took us back, past our home where we had gotten on earlier. It continued along 12 de Abril and went out by Pumapungo ruins and then on into a area we weren't familiar with. We thought the bus would simply make a circuit and drop us off where we had gotten on.

Wrong, Mike and I looked at each other as the LED flashed ...PARADA FINAL, in other words, the final stop. We were out in the middle of nowhere and didn't know where we were or how to get back. Luckily a man cleaning one of the buses at the "final stop" leaned out and pointed down the hill and told us to take number #8, so, down the hill we went.

Buses were going both ways on the street and not knowing which bus to take I asked a young school boy which bus to El Centro and he confirmed it was number #8 and told us to catch it at the corner were we where. Before we saw bus #8, bus #7 arrived and since we knew where that one went, we hopped on. We arrived back at the start of our journey about 2 hours and 40 minutes later. It was a fun experience and for the 25ยข we each paid for our bus ride, it was a very inexpensive experience.

Soon we plan on climbing aboard another bus to just see where the ride takes us. Even though it is disconcerting to end up in the middle of nowhere and not know how to get back home, people are friendly and more than happy to help a wayward traveler! And it just makes the adventure that much more exciting.

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