Hacienda Chan Chan is a combination bed and breakfast and family-run dairy farm. It is located just outside of Cuenca near the small, rural community of Chiquintad, reached by a forty-minute ride north from Cuenca on Bus 26. We were met at the Centro Chiquintad bus stop by our hosts Julie and Luke Martin and shuttled the five-kilometer drive to their farm. Calling Hacienda Chan Chan a B&B is somewhat of a misnomer, because you can have not only breakfast but lunch and dinner as well – all at an extremely affordable rate. I mentioned that Hacienda Chan Chan is a working dairy farm, right? That means they have fresh milk daily, you remember – the kind with cream that rises to the top! Their cattle roam the 90 hectares (222 acres) of pasture and native forest, grazing on the abundant supply of natural grass that grows there. They also have a greenhouse in which they grow fresh herbs and vegetables. If you’re the type of person who wants all the modern amenities, including elevators and big-screen TVs, Hacienda Chan Chan is probably not for you.  If, however, you are a reasonably active person who enjoys rustic yet comfortable accommodations then you will definitely enjoy your visit. Julie and Luke originally hail from Wyoming and Montana, but their experience-rich lives have taken them to such diverse places as North Dakota, Washington DC, Slovakia, Morocco, and now Ecuador.

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