This morning we got up, slathered on plenty of bug repellent, slid into our rubber boots and headed for breakfast. After sharing breakfast with new and old friends we boarded the bus for our new adventure, Los Laberintos del Chiguaza (the labyrinths of Chiquaza).

We crossed the Rio Chiguaza on an old wooden bridge and entered the compound where we would begin our adventure. There were many beautiful views from here as we waited to begin. We even saw them filleting the Tilapia that would be lunch when we got back.

Entering the labyrinth felt like what I imagine going back thousands of year would feel like. The jungle was thick, wet and green and if it wasn't for our group, there would be no sound but nature. The rocks jutting from the ground, at times higher than my head, made the labyrinth we wove in and out of.

Then to add excitement, we went up and down, sometime steep and slippery hills and eventually ended up at the shores of the Rio Pastaza. From there we crawled along rocks to caves and even a little bat. The last part, the climb out, was the hardest. As I looked where we were heading I said to Mike, "that path goes straight up!" And indeed it did, but we made it.

Once we were back at the compound we were ready for lunch and a much needed rest.

After lunch we boarded the bus for the ride back and all eagerly anticipated either a refreshing swim in the pool or a nice soak in the hot tub to ease the soreness out of the body...or maybe even both.

That evening most went into town for dinner but a few of us didn't have the energy and just stayed put, ordering pizza from across the street for dinner.

We all went to bed tired but so happy to have experienced the day.

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