The day started out cool and wet in Cuenca as we boarded the bus that would take us through the Cajas and Guayaquil then along the coast, up to Montanita, our home for the next several days. 

As we got into the Cajas, the sky cleared to a dazzling blue and we were presented with a rainbow, I am sure this was a promise for beautiful weather for the next several days. 

As we drove along, we got into the clouds, giving a very mystical feel.

We got out of the Cajas and into the flat land before heading through Guayaquil and past, what seemed like miles and miles, of containers.

The drive along the coast just outside of Guayaquil was more arid than I expected but became greener the further north we went.

These pictures were taken from inside the bus through tinted windows so some of the colors might not be as true and they aren't as crisp as might otherwise be. But they give an idea of the areas through which we passed.

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