Agua Blanca is a private community within the Machalilla National Park just outside of Puerto Lopez and hosts remains of one of the most ancient civilizations in South America, the Monteño, along with trails and a sulfur lagoon.

We visited the small but interesting museum where many of the items have been simply picked up and contributed to the museum while others come from a few of the partially excavated dig sites near the village. Many of the ancient treasures have been found to belong to the Manteña people who lived in the area between 800 and 1532 AD.

After visiting the museum, our guide took us through a short nature trail with a couple of river crossings to the sulfur lagoon. We didn't bring bathing suits so we just watch the locals enjoying the lagoon. Mud is routinely collected from the bottom of this pool so guests can apply their own facial mud masks and we say many, young and old alike, applying the mud to their face and even their arms and legs. 

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