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We spent spent 4 nights here at Villa de los Sueños in the penthouse just a stones throw from the ocean. It had been a very long, cold and gray winter and we were ready for some sunshine. So we went with three other couples for a relaxing time at the coast. 

Well, relaxing it was although we saw no sun our entire stay. But swinging in the swings while listening to the crashing waves more than made up for the lack of sun.

Our hosts, Shell and Marsha,  arrived in Montañita in 2010 and one year later  Villa de los Sueños was born. Shell and Marsha have a lovely home with five units that make up this beautiful B-n-B. Villa de los Sueños is located in La Entrada (translated as the entrance).

La Entrada is so called because it marks the entrance into the Cordillera Chongón-Colonche, a range of 2,25 ft high hills covered by one of the last remnants of coastal forest in the region. It is a tranquil fishing village with a population of approximately 850 people and is approximately 10 minutes North of Montañita and 30 minutes South of Puerto Lopez. ​

Against all odds, La Entrada was able to construct La Iglesia Sagardo Corazon de Jusus en el Oceano Pacifico (or The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus the Pacific Ocean), which is so beautiful that it rivals some of the best destination wedding churches in the Pacific. The church’s simple design and majestic beauty makes for the ideal beach Wedding Venue. The church has incorporated glass in the design and brings the Pacific Ocean into the sanctuary of the church.

To complement the beautiful church, La Entrada is now in the process of a complete renovation of the village. All the homes and business in the village are being painted an array of vivid colors along with many fabulous murals painted by artists who come to La Entrada and offer their services free. When completed La Entrada will not only have a magnificent church, but it will located in one of the most colorful pueblos in all of South America.

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