"Sheltering in Place" was a foreign concept to me until the middle of March, 2020, when in Ecuador the full realization of the coronavirus hit. 

I flew to Ecuador March 6, 2020 to pick up the remaining belongings we stored there last year. I was to return to the US on March 20th, but  the Ecuadorian government put up a travel ban on March 15th to last until April 5th. I therefore was stranded in Ecuador until the ban was lifted.

Cuenca, Ecuador is not a bad place to be stranded as I am staying with some dear friends who have told me I can stay as long as I need/want. They have a lovely and spacious apartment with three bedrooms, each with its  own bath. A huge balcony runs along the length of the apartment from the kitchen to the dining room and all three bedrooms.We have each found out spot in the apartment so as not to be on top of each other.

Kara Shea loves to paint so she is in area between the living room and dining room. Jim loves to putter with the flowers on the balcony, work on various projects and read on the balcony. I stay in my bedroom and work at my "desk" as I have brought my genealogy project from the back burner to the front burner.


When the travel ban was extended, I felt I had imposed on Jim and Kara Shea long enough. I came for two weeks and here it is now two months. So, I rented a studio apartment for May and June and hope I will be able to get back home by then.


Ecuador was lifting the travel ban allowing international flights as of June 1st and domestic flights as of June 15th. So, I went  online to book a flight. The first one I saw was an American flight leaving on June 11th so I booked that. Then on June 1st I received an email from American stating my flight had been cancelled and the next available flight would be June 17th.

So I called and spoke to an agent and was told Ecuador had pushed back the date, not them. I had heard rumors the mayor of Guayaquil, where I will be flying out of, had pushed back the dates for air travel from that airport. So, I rebooked my flight for the first available, which is June 19th. Keep your fingers crossed that will happen.

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