Today we decided to explore the area and stores across the highway.  It was warm out so we decided to take a taxi up.  Our first stop was in poke around in the dollar store, todo a dollar.  We then headed towards the pedestrian overpass and passed Crocs and a yogurt store.  Unfortunately the yogurt store wasn't open, maybe another time.

Before crossing over we decided to walk down the street a little ways to see what was there.  We passed a local fonda, a house, a sign and a brightly colored church.

Crossing on the overpass I noticed a lab, car shop, school and a bus stop.  A little further down we found a rather large strip mall with KFC being the first building to greet us.  We spend some time wandering around the mall and checking out the different businesses in there.  I must say there was just about anything you needed from vet to paint store to restaurant to the huge, 3-story El Machetazo store that had it all!

After wandering around El Machetazo we found a cafeteria attached to the grocery portion of the store so decided to have lunch there.  We both ordered the Combo Special and were presented with a plate heaped with food, so much so I could only eat half of it, and all for $2.50 each!!  And the food was good.  Next time we will split a plate.

We then headed back to El Rey to do our grocery shopping (it is a little less expensive there than El Machetazo) and then back to the condo.

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